We represent individuals who have been wrongfully injured in hospitals, on the streets and highways, at the grocery store, in the parking lot, on construction and work sites; individuals whose lives have drastically and often irreversibly changed because someone was not paying attention, because someone was not doing their job, because someone wanted to get a product to the market quickly at the expense of safety.

An underlying public stigma disapproves of suing and lawsuits. Sadly, this misleading subtlety prevents individuals from asserting their rights under our law, and as a result, dangerous behavior that causes harm continues to cause harm without accountability, and individuals and their families are left unfairly burdened with financial and physical strain. It takes courage to contact a lawyer. We thank God for the clients that have come to us with that courage. Behind their burn, brain injury, paralysis, fracture, emotional trauma, loss of function, pain or debilitation, they each have an inimitable story.

We do not wish tragedy upon others, but nevertheless tragedy comes, and when it so unfortunately does, we at Schlapprizzi Attorneys at Law, are honored to stand with those who have been harmed, to tell their story, and to fight for their rights.